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the footballing mafioso

la cosa nostra
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Welcome to dailymanagement, the LJ community dedicated to football managers!

Community rules:

Being a community about football managers, every post has to include something on a football manager, be it club or country.

This community is not about Hattrick, Football Manager, Championship Manager or other such games. There are forums out there where you can discuss these games and get a more helpful response.

This is a slash-friendly community, despite the fact that the idea might be mildly repellent to some.

Postings of videos, fic, art and picspams are allowed. You may also post interesting news and quotes.

Videos (from YouTube etc) must be tucked under an lj-cut. Links to videos can remain outside the cut.

All fic must be tucked under an lj-cut, no matter the length. This includes drabbles. Above the lj-cut, please include the following:

Rating: (include warnings here)
Summary: (do mention the characters involved)

Use an lj-cut for long posts and picspams. Click here to find out how to make an lj-cut.

When posting picspams, only one picture is allowed outside a cut. The picture outside the cut must NOT exceed 600 pixels at the longest side. (i.e. if the picture is wider, the width must not exceed 600 pixels.) Hotlinking is evil.

When posting links, do include a summary of what the link is about.

We have specific guidelines for icon posts. If you have any manager icons you'd like to share, DO NOT post them to the community, or make a post in the community linking to where you posted them. There is an icon roundup post every Tuesday, in which we will link to all the relevant icon posts. This means that you will have to post your icons outside the community, and comment with the links to your icon post in our main icon post here. Icon comments made on Tuesday will be posted the following week.

Inconsideration for other members of this community will get you banned. This means no flaming, bashing or hotlinking, among others.

Avoid using coloured text or anything that may hinder readability.

No pimping of other communities without the permission of the mods.

Feel free to contact any of the mods if you have any questions. :D