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Capello meets England squad

Not much to update these days, and it tends to get tiresome when all there is to report are sackings and new hirings on the managerial front.

Papers today were all eagerly covering Capello's first training session with the England squad. The common thread is in all these reports is the comparison of Capello to a stern teacher/headmaster, best summarised by James Lawton who wrote:
The word is that Capello has had the effect not of a new broom but that tough old teacher who kept you on your toes by saying what he meant – and doing what he said he would and who was, in the end, the one for whom you most eagerly did your best.
The Telegraph also has the list of do and don'ts that Capello handed out to all the players. It appears to include fashion tips haha.
England's players must now wear suits and ties to matches on every occasion... while England tracksuits will be worn at all other times. Flip-flops have been put on the banned list.
*approves of the last rule* I always thought flip-flops with the tracksuits looked ridiculous.

And to end, some quotes from BBC!

"If you want to sleep you don't become a football manager."
Steve Coppell won't be joining the Wide Awake Club any time soon as Reading continue to slide.

"There is something wrong when Manchester United get seven bookings."
Sir Alex Ferguson is unhappy with the yellow cards dished out by referee Mark Clattenburg at Spurs - how very dare he?

"I am reluctant to tell you all I know as I really do not know anything."
Kevin Keegan not being wise after the Wise event, and doing a creditable Sir Humphrey Appleby impersonation to boot.

"I don't know if they have a TV."
Rafa Benítez when asked whether Liverpool's poor performance against West Ham would be heavily scrutinised by the American owners. Genius.

Randomly, I was reading back on this entry -- the Rafa one turned out to be pretty accurate :O


Haha the Kevin Keegan quote is quite classic!

So far Fabio seems to be making a great impact - keep it up! The England boys need some discipline yis.
I think Capello's new measures are sensible ones. Be strict! Or they'll never improve.

Lol at the quotes.